Why do we have a🧡 and a 🧢 but no


in the emoji set yet!?
Let's try to change this and propose a sewing machine emoji.

😱 Wait a second! There is no sewing machine emoji?

Let's take a look at the current Emoji palette and do a stock check:

🧡 Spindle Emoji

There is a spindle emoji already that represents a fine thread. A good start but not enough for communication. It's like having a steering wheel instead of a car emoji: How you would tell someone that you took the car or need a lift?

🧢 Wool Emoji

The wool emoji is more related to the hobby of knitting - another technique often used to produce beautiful but substantially different fabrics, cloths and home decor items. It could also be mistaken for a cat's toy.

❔ Sewing Machine Emoji!?

The missing emoji! A sewing machine emoji fits perfectly to represent a handcraft used both commercially but also as a hobby. A sewing machine represents not only the activity or occupation of sewing but also the physical device.

πŸ€” Do we really need a sewing machine emoji?

Hell yes! Here is why:

πŸ“’ I want the #SewingMachineEmoji, NOW!

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We want the sewing machine emoji so much, we believe others want it too! That's at least what the data shows. Don't believe us? keep on scrolling, you will see! Tell your fellow sewing buddies about our idea and proposal design, download the free swag and spread the word!

πŸ“ˆ What do people turn to in times of a pandemic?

You've guessed it! - Sewing machines!

And guess what!? This is not just a trend. The huge peak is followed by a substantial increase in search volume.

"Sewingmachine" search volume on Google Trends

Source: Google Trends

πŸ’ͺ One Emoji to unite them all!

According to Wikipedia, there are 15 major sewing machine manufacturers in the world. Their brands represent a huge range of machines with all kinds of features and shapes suiting the needs from professional sewers to hobbyists all over the planet.

We have done our research, checked 161 machines from the 10 biggest manufacturers of non-commercial sewing machines, measured all shapes and sizes and evaluated all features likes knobs, displays and buttons (locations, sizes, amounts, etc.). Sounds a little nerdy? To be honest: Yes it is. But we couldn't find a better solution of ensuring that our final draft for the sewing machine emoji proposal would address every sewer out there.

Here is a visualization of what we have run behind the scenes to find the perfect sewing machine emoji:

Sewing Machine Emoji Evolution
Sewing Machine Emoji Evolution

😎 We've got SWAG!

Free stuff, yeah! πŸ₯³

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If you love the idea of the sewing machine emoji just as much as we do, sign up to get free downloads such as the #SewingMachineEmoji embroidery files for all kinds of different embroidery machines to stitch the emoji right onto your next sewing projects.

And don't forget to upload pictures on your favorite social media channel including the hashtag #SewingMachineEmoji

Sewing Machine Emoji Embroidery

🧠 Did you know...!?

⌨ ...you have shortcuts on your computer?

We are all familiar with the emoji palette on our smartphone keyboards. But there is also a shortcut on our Mac and PC. Use "Command Control Space" on MacOS or "Windows-Key .(period)" on Windows to open the emoji pallet and insert emojis everywhere!

🀱...you can adopt an emoji?

That's true! Character sponsors help support the work of the Unicode Consortium, to help modern software and computing systems support the widest range of human languages. More than 120,000 characters can be adopted, and a lot already have. Google adopted the πŸ” (because they created the famous burger menu on mobile applications and websites), Ford adopted some 🚘. We also plan to adopt the #sewingmachineemoji if it gets added.

πŸ’» ...that each vendor has its own palette?

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung - they all have their own emoji palette. After a new version of unicode characters get added, each vendor starts designing their own version of the added emojis. Here is a comparison of how the sewing machine emoji could look like as an Apple version and a Windows version:

sewing machine emoji apple style
sewing machine emoji microsoft style

⌚ How it started, how it's going:

  • πŸ§” Invention of the first sewing machine 1790

    In 1790, the English inventor Thomas Saint invented the first sewing machine design, but he did not successfully advertise or market his invention. Several other inventors came up with different versions of sewing machines in the following decades.

  • πŸ‘΄ Production of household sewing machine 1829

    The first practical and widely used sewing machine was invented by BarthΓ©lemy Thimonnier, a French tailor, who patented his version a year later. A lot of improvements from various inventors like Isaac Merritt Singer in 1851 followed, whos brands still exist today.

  • πŸ”Œ Production of first electric sewing machine 1889

    The first electric machines were developed by Singer Sewing Co. and introduced. At the beginning, the electric machines were regular machines with a motor attached to the side, but as more households gained power, they became more popular and the motor was gradually build into the casing.

  • πŸ’‘ We need a sewing machine emoji! December, 2020

    Taking a short stroll to their neighborhood, talking about the meaning of life, we somehow drifted towards the topic of emojis and their huge variety. Jean-Luc asked which emoji Nadine would like to be able to use. As if she was thinking about this her entire life, she answered: "A sewing machine is missing! I would use it almost every day." This is when we got the idea to "make a sewing machine emoji" - whatever that means, we would find out soon.

  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ Drafting the sewing machine emoji January, 2021

    Having the idea to "make an emoji" is just one side of the coin, designing one the other side. We needed a designer, so we called Olli - a few minutes later he was all-in. We did our research on emojis, the Unicode consortium, and the proposal process. In the meantime we came up with the idea of crafting the perfect "most average" sewing machine emoji that would suite the majority of currently manufactured and sold sewing machines.

  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» sewingmachineemoji.com was born February, 2021

    We registered the domain (which was luckily still available), added some hosting webspace, a sleek bootstrap theme and some content on it, which we improved and extended along the way.

  • πŸ“© Submitting the proposal April, 2021

    The proposal process will be slightly different for the upcoming batch of emojis in the v15 emoji set. However, we are currently preparing everything we can, in order to be prepared for the big date!

  • 🀞 The sewing machine emoji can be used 2022

    The Emoji subcommittee (ESC) of the Unicode Consortium will do its magic, work through all proposals, go through a revision process, select provisional candidates (and also decline characters), select draft candidates and final candidates. If the sewing machine emoji gets approved, it will then be published to Unicode version 15. Now the major vendors have to adapt the emoji to their palette in order for us to be able to use the sewing machine emoji on our computers and smartphones.

πŸ’ The Proposal

Will you marry me?

Just kidding, not that kind of proposal! The Sewing Machine Emoji will be proposed to the Unicode Consortium in order to hopefully get added to the emoji set soon. We will upload the final proposal once the new proposal requirements got published.


Can I use the sewing machine emoji already?

Unfortunately not. We are currently preparing the proposal, so that hopefully the sewing machine emoji will be added to the emoji palette.

Who decides whether the sewing machine emoji will be added or not?

The Unicode Consortium decides which emojis (and other characters and symbols) get added to the set. Its aim is to develop, extend, and promote the use of the Unicode Standard.

Will sharing this page help to add the emoji to the next set?

We would love your support to share this page and spread the word but this is not a criteria for the acceptance of our proposal.

The sewing machine emoji - highly desired by millions, gladly proposed by πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ Oliver, πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Nadine and πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Jean-Luc

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